Advice for People Experiencing Financial Hardship during COVID-19.

The best advice currently is to prioritise what is most important and essential and then communication with the stakeholders is the key and be out in front of any potential problems.

  1. In terms of mortgages you can request a mortgage payment break from your bank during COVID.
  1. The Health Insurers announced last week they will be engaging with customers about the issues of refunding policies  “People with health insurance to get money back because of coronavirus. Some people who paid private health insurance will get money back because of the coronavirus crisis, according to the Health Minister.”- Contact your health insurance provider and see what your options are.
  1. Household Bills:  engage with your provider and see if you can amend your payment plan to suit you. 

“on the instructions of the regulator, utility providers are being told to put ‘practical’ payment plans in place with households that may fall into arrears.”

  1. Credit Unions/ Bank Loans- engage with them to see what your options are for these loans.