Ireland’s economy is grounded on small and medium sized indigenous business. The health of the sector is vital to that of the overall economy. Fianna Fáil has put forward a strong package of policies to incentive job creation in our communities.

Improved access to credit for the SME sector by establishing a fully licenced state enterprise bank to lend directly to businesses.
Reward job creators by extending PRSI benefits to the self-employed and end their current inequitable tax treatment, especially those on low incomes.
Incentivise entrepreneurs to set up new businesses by providing relief from capital gains tax. Such policies can enable Louth and East Meath to become the best counties to do business in.
Civil Projects



Irish towns face a series of fundamental challenges to their future.Rising vacancy rates, expanding out of town shopping centres, changing shopping habits and crippling commercial rates and rents are damaging businesses and destroying jobs. A vibrant town with strong businesses, high employment and a dynamic cultural life forms the bedrock of vibrant communities.

Fianna Fáil proposes a fresh, multifaceted approach to tackle these problems and encourage greater numbers into our towns by making them lively social and economic hubs for the entire community.

Our measures include:

  • Revamping the Commercial Rates System,
  • New Urban Design, Strong Public Transport Links and Building Usage Strategy “Empty Shops Initiative”
  • Changes Planning Laws to encourage Town centre development
  • Expanded Use of Business Improvement Districts and new financial tools for Local Authorities to invest in urban renewal
  • New specialist IDA, Enterprise Ireland unit for rural town foreign direct investment
  • New Measures to protect and maintain local post offices
  • Rural