Mobile Phone Coverage and Broadband

Mobile phone coverage across many parts of Louth is clearly not fit for purpose. Frustration levels among customers and business users are widespread due to phone calls dropping and 3G/4G signals remaining non-existent in some areas.Fianna Fáil will launch a mobile phone coverage audit under the remit of Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg). This audit will form the basis of our infrastructural plans for improving coverage levels and strength.

Broadband in Louth

Communities all over Louth need rapid high speed internet broadband access now. Roll out of fibre optic broadband is a primary way to bridging the digital divide especially in rural Ireland. Broadband can help alleviate rural areas facing a digital deficit and open up a global market for rural tourism and for small local producers.

In 2011, this government promised over the following four years to deliver fibre broadband to 90% of homes and business in the country. This is another broken promise that the government have not kept.

1 in every 4 Louth homes and businesses will have to wait up until 2021for broadband services under the government’s national broadband plan.This is kicking the can down the road for many communities and businesses in the county. High-speed fibre broadband connectivity must be fast tracked and all funding sources used to support this