Energy Ambassadors Programme- Dunleer Community Development Board

The Dunleer Community Development Board (DCDB) kicked off its launch this week of an innovative programme of
education  to help people take control of their energy use
and giving them the information to make informed choices The programme is
titled “The Energy Ambassadors” which is a highly interactive one hour fun

Dunleer Community Development Board
Cllr.Emma Coffey. Eugene Conlon & Meave Yore

The Energy Ambassadors programme  concentrates on sharing knowledge
and providing advice to communities on how to work together to access grant
funding for home upgrades.  Their aim is providing “bottom-up” assistance, “from a
community and for the community”.

On Thursday the 23rd of March at 8pm in the Market House, Main Street,
Dunleer; I and a number of  other Public Representatives attended  to experience the

I have to commend Gerry Reaburn and Eugene Conlon on a very enjoyable and informative presentation which included for the very large part, interaction from a very captivated audience. I want to take this opportunity to wish the Energy Team huge success in rolling out “The Energy Ambassadors Programme” nationwide. I personally think it is such a fantastic initiative.