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The National Defibrillator Register

The National Defibrillator Register

The Task Force on Sudden Cardiac Death Report recommended that a national defibrillator register be established. In 2011 a joint initiative between the PHECC, HSE, NAS and the Irish Heart Foundation was commenced.

The aim of the defibrillator register is to assist in reducing deaths from cardiac arrest by informing the public of the exact location of the defibrillator in their area. I have been made aware that some of the defibrillators located in the County are not registered

One of the most important factors in survival from cardiac arrest is early CPR and use of a defibrillator. Survival rates following cardiac arrest have improved from 1%to 5%in the past few years, however, having a register of defibrillators will further improve these survival rates.

Many communities and companies may have a defibrillator available for use that local people don’t know about. The defibrillator register aims to rectify this.

Please take the time and complete the form set out in the line below and email to:


Community Defibrillator Register

Completed forms to be returned to the NAS at

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